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Introducing our game-changing WordPress Plugin for Go High Level!

Ever dreamt of delivering unique, hyper-personalized web experiences to your visitors with ZERO coding? We've made that dream a reality. Our WordPress plugin bridges the capabilities of Go High Level CRM with the versatile, user-friendly platform of WordPress, offering an unparalleled level of customization.

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How It Works

Our groundbreaking plugin populates information on your WordPress site with custom fields and values from Go High Level — including names, email addresses, physical addresses, Google Maps and Google Street Views of recipient businesses, and any other custom field currently within Go High Level.

The best part? No coding knowledge required. Simply input your High Level Location ID and API Key, and our plugin does the rest. Embed all of the custom fields into any page in WordPress easily, making even the most novice website designer a pro at personalizing web content.

Hyper-Personalization, at Scale

By automatically retrieving data from Go High Level, we enable you to personalize every interaction. Turn your cold outreach warm and foster stronger relationships with your visitors

Easy to Use

No custom coding or complex technical processes needed. If you can input your High Level Location ID and API Key, you can use our plugin.


Our plugin dynamically updates the custom fields and values for the Go High Level location associated with your WordPress site, saving you time and effort.


No need for expensive developers or web designers. Our plugin makes website customization easy and affordable.

Incredible Versatility

With the ability to pull in any custom field from Go High Level, the customization possibilities are endless.

Get the unfair advantage

Experience the Synergy of GHL CRM's Rich Data and WordPress's Dynamic Page Building Capabilities.

Powerful Use Cases for WP Contact Connector

Our innovative WordPress plugin for Go High Level offers incredible versatility and scalability, fitting seamlessly into a wide range of scenarios. Here are just a few ways you can use it to revolutionize your web content and outreach strategy.

Sales Outreach 2.0

Don't just reach out; stand out. With our plugin, your initial contact with a prospect can include a picture of their building, a map of their business, their company name, website, phone number, and more. Show them you're already familiar with their business and are committed to understanding their unique needs.

Comprehensive Marketing Audit Reports

Transform your data into compelling narratives. Populate custom fields like Desktop and Mobile Page Speed Scores, Pixels and Tags utilized by the site, Schema markup, technical SEO audits, average rating and number of reviews on Google, and much more. This allows you to provide comprehensive marketing audit reports that not only deliver valuable insights but also demonstrate your deep understanding of your clients' digital footprints.

Hyper-Personalized B2B Prospecting

Our plugin combined with our B2B prospecting tool enables you to auto-populate valuable prospect information, creating a highly personalized prospecting tool. With just a few clicks, turn a single 'marketing audit' page into hundreds or thousands of hyper-personalized audit reports for each of your B2B prospects.

Dynamic Customer Profiles

Keep your customer profiles updated in real-time by dynamically populating them with the latest data from Go High Level. Use custom fields to display information relevant to your business, such as customer preferences, purchasing history, interactions with your company, and more.

Unique Customer Onboarding

Add a personal touch to your client onboarding process. Display a welcome message, important account information, or even a guided tutorial tailored to each new client's needs. Show your clients that they're more than just another account number.

What Users say about WP Contact Connector

As someone who's been in the WordPress design world for years, I've seen and used a multitude of plugins. But nothing has transformed my web design process quite like WP Contact Connector. The seamless integration of data from Go High Level into my WordPress sites has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for personalization and dynamic content. It's like I've been handed the missing piece to my design puzzle. Now, I can create richer, more engaging sites that speak directly to the individual user, all without any coding hassles. If you're serious about web design and want to leverage the full power of GHL within WordPress, this plugin is a game-changer!


Michelle M.

Merrill Creative Solutions

I've always struggled to find a seamless way to integrate detailed information from CRM systems into my web designs—until I found the WP Contact Connector. This tool is nothing short of revolutionary! With just a few clicks, I'm embedding custom fields and values from Go High Level directly into my WordPress sites. But what truly sets it apart? The ability to effortlessly incorporate Google Maps views of prospect businesses and even the Google Street View images of their buildings. My outreach campaigns have never been so personalized and visually engaging. It's like giving a virtual handshake to each prospect! For any marketer or designer seeking to elevate their personalization game, this is the tool you've been waiting for.


Mike S.

Manticore Marketing, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Is any coding knowledge required to use WP Contact Connector?

No, coding knowledge is not required. WP Contact Connector has been designed for ease of use. By simply inputting your High Level Location ID and API Key, the plugin will enable you to embed any custom fields or values from Go High Level into your WordPress site seamlessly.

Can I really integrate any custom field or value from Go High Level directly into Wordpress?

Absolutely! WP Contact Connector is built to maximize the potential of Go High Level integrations. Whether you want to embed basic contact details, more advanced custom fields, or even Google Maps and Street View images of prospect businesses, our plugin has got you covered.

How complicated is the setup process?

It takes just a few clicks! You simply upload the plugin into your Wordpress site. In the plugin settings you will enter your license key that we generate upon checkout as well the Location ID and API key for your GHL sub-account. That's it- you'll be fully integrated at that point.

What is your refund policy?

If you can't get the plugin to integrate with your Wordpress site, we will gladly give you your money back. (Note: this isn't something we ever have to do as the plugin is easy to use, intuitive, and highly effective.)

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